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September 22, 2011 Chapter 01: Exporter Hell

Counter-Point (September 22, 2011)

WTF is up with the Oort Cloud? There are like a million major scientific theories which rest entirely on the existence of the Oort Cloud, a region which itself is only theoretical. And let's be clear: the Oort Cloud was basically made up by scientists to explain away problems with long-period comets.

Now we've got this whole, major cathedral of fail built around a phenomena, none of which has any observable data attached to it. We see long-period comets, we can't explain them(well, we can, we just don't), so we make up a crazy theory to explain them, offering as the only evidence we have the existence of said comets.

The reasoning is stupifyingly circular. Why can't we all collectively wake up and realize that just maybe we can't explain everything right now, and this Oort Cloud thing is just a sad, pathetic failure?

Or, if we REALLY want to wake up, we could try accepting the much simpler explanation for long-period comets.

Puttin' in Dat Work (September 22, 2011)

So if you're wondering, our protagonists Ivan (character without glasses) and Terrence (character with glasses) work at a game design company called SomethingSoft. Yes, they are working on a game.

It's like almost 2:30 and I'm super tired and I just spilled a huge cup of coffee. My head is killing me. I think cause of my caffeine intake? I was gonna go to bed, but I made myself finish the comic. How's that for discipline? Afterwards I'm gonna play Solitaire and knock the hell out.

Enjoy the comic. We'll be starting our first story arch in a couple weeks.

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