0039 Right Place, Wrong Time Part 7 (11-20-2012)

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Oh Lordy it's 40

astrozombie's avatar Posted 12:19
Thu 29 November
by astrozombie

Paladin doesn't watch TV. If he does, it's not good TV anyway. I actually don't watch TV either, but I get really into series' of shows. My wife and I just finished 6 Feet Under. It's pretty amazing. It doesn't stay as strong through the last couple of seasons, but for a drama it's really deep and interesting. The final episode was hailed as being one of the best final episodes ever, and I would say I have to agree. The final scene was basically fan service, but it was the most satisfying endings I think I've ever seen. The last episode of Angel made me want to break my damn TV. That show got REALLY bad, but the last episode was a freaking copout.

We got a dog about 6 months or so ago. A vivacious little bitch. She was a puppy, but about a week ago she blossomed into womanhood. By that I mean that somehow dogs can get a visit from Aunt Flow, and my house looks like the Shining. What's worse is, I live in a country where not only do people not practice getting their dogs fixed, but people don't care to keep their dogs in the house either, so dogs are a normal part of the community. If you see a giant pitbull, chances are he's just on his daily routine strolling around the neighborhood and whatnot. This means that there are like 3-5 random dogs pissing on my gate because I guess they want my dog to know it's scent or some such shit. My gate is covered in piss. I can't take my dog for a walk for fear of her getting brutally gangbanged. So it goes.

The next series we've started is Boardwalk Empire. It's frustrating because it's basically every other pseudo violent gangster show, but the only difference is it's set in the 20's. The first episode was decent, and directed by Martin Scorcese, but it's getting real boring real fast. Steve Buscemi as the lead was a good choice, but his character has no depth or range. I don't blame him, but I don't know if I can stand to keep watching it. The worst part is, everyone dresses plainly, as were the times, so everybody looks the same. I can pretty much keep up with the somewhat scattered plot, but my wife stops me every 10 or so minutes to ask what the hell is going on. I can't blame her either. I'm going to go ahead and place the blame on Martin Scorcese.


astrozombie's avatar Posted 12:00
Thu 15 November
by astrozombie

I hate drinking excuses. "It's 5 o'clock somewhere... hur hur." Well it's 8am here so shut your cakehole, Yoko. I've woken up in the morning and drank a beer in front of my mom. Last night my wife said, "Don't drink that whole 6 pack." So I went out and got more beer while she was asleep. It's called a ruse. A 6 pack is enough to give me that sad, unsatisfying buzz. I really don't understand alcohol tolerance either. I used to drink like a fish. Now not so much, but if I knock back a few cold ones I have a headache in the morning. My 2012 yearbook quote: "The only cure is more beer."

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