#2 Solitaire

September 20, 2011 Chapter 01: Exporter Hell

Back (September 20, 2011)

Man, it's good to be back! Feels even better the third time around!

Solitaire, Oh Solitaire (September 20, 2011)

New comic up! Early in fact! Our tentative schedule will be Tuesdays and Thursdays, uploaded late the night before. Keep your fingers crossed with me-

This comic is kind of appropriate because I am addicted to solitaire. I moved to Central America almost 4 months ago and I've been playing it on my Blackberry nonstop. It's also funny because my Blackberry has no service, so it doubles as a crappy camera and solitaire machine and sometimes a crappy mp3 player when I'm drunk. Good times wasteful Americans!

Fun fact about this comic, it is and will be done entirely in Illustrator, which is my favorite program of all time. A challenge to myself is that if I need to do crazy effects or anything, I'll just have to figure out how to do it in Illustrator as opposed to bringing it into Photoshop. I love you vector art. I will not let you down.

I'll say it a thousand times, this comic has been a test and a learning experience. Since we started I've learned a ridiculous amount, and the trial and error has driven me nearly insane, but I am happy with the way the comic is looking. This is like the 10th art style I've created for this comic, but by far it's the best and simplest, and I want to say it's fate cause a few days ago I literally sat down and just drew the new characters. The biggest test by far has been developing an art style, both personally and for the comic. I think good things will happen. Enjoy!

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