#20 Virus

November 19, 2011 Chapter 02: Beta Testing

Skyrim! (November 19, 2011)

Excited? Prepare to be disappointed.

Yeah, I was all excited, I went out, I got the game, I figured out how to install it without steam, I played it... and proceeded to sit there fore 20 minutes before getting control of my character for the first time. Then I discovered that the next 20 minutes of the game consisted entirely of standing around watching NPCs play, which I want you to know is exactly as boring as it sounds. I sat and watched a sitcom until it was my turn.

Anyway, I'm so jaded about the 40 minutes of intro that I couldn't really enjoy the game once I both got control of my character AND the ability to do things. This was only enhanced by the discovery that the menu-system is ENTIRELY keyboard-driven. How, in 2011, does a PC-game ship without cursor-integration? Well, I guess since we killed the space shuttle program its time for other things to start technologically regressing. But if they don't add cursor integration I'm just going to max all my stats with cheat codes and make myself an awesome sword once they release the construction set. Not counting the excruciatingly stupid intro, I probably only spent 10 minutes trying to play the game before the menu system became intolerably. I do not need to waste time guessing at which button does what when I have a mouse.

Call me old-fashioned, but this is what I want from my video games: in the first 90 seconds I want to be handed a sword and given something to hit it with. If that doesn't happen you can pretty much bet that my opinion of the game will be negative. Honestly, I think thats kind of why I like MMOs so much, not the social aspect but the "here's a sword go make something die" way they all seem to start.

Almost There... (November 19, 2011)

Gotta make 1 more comic to catch up, and 1 to get ahead, then hopefully there shall be no more hiccups. Now I'm going to the beach to get drunk.

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