#37 Right Place, Wrong Time, Part 5

November 13, 2012 Chapter 03: Right Place, Wrong Time

Paladin has nothing to say this day.

Mumbo Perhaps... Jumbo... Perhaps Not (November 13, 2012)

It's about 2am in my neck of the world and I am eating a microwaved hot dog and listening to Astrud Gilberto. That's a lie, I already ate the hot dog. Apparently Mesa AZ is also super boring to draw cause I half assed this one like it was nobody's business. I hear Arizona is actually supposed to be nice, but if someone asked you if you wanted to go to Arizona or somewhere else, I'd more than likely pick somewhere else.

Paladin actually goes to game developer conferences. One in Texas anyway. If you asked me, I'd probably rather go to Arizona than Texas. Call me crazy, but I need to be able to keep myself occupied, so it's either I need to go somewhere super exciting, or I need to bring my laptop so I can pretend I'm at home instead of somewhere boring. I get bored very easily.

I have been dreading doing this comic, so I finally got to a point where I just said F this and horf orsed it. That's not true.

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