#33 Right Place, Wrong Time, Part 1

August 21, 2012 Chapter 03: Right Place, Wrong Time

Paladin has nothing to say this day.

Screw This (August 21, 2012)

I was typing an irrelevant story about how my keyboard wasn't working and then I somehow hit the DELETE key. This is fine and dandy, but under the wrong circumstances, that particular key basically presses the BACK button in your browser. DUH, you say. Well it erased everything I typed. Condensed version of said story: My keyboard was broken, not the whole thing, but like 4 keys. INSANELY annoying.

I feel like I've typed these words into this box before, but I always have this mountain of info to type into these rants, but by the time I get to typing it it's all gone. I forget everything.

Time flies in the worst way. I got back into making this comic 3 weeks ago. 3. I remember I was like, okay, I'm gonna get back into this. I made 1 comic. BAM. 3 weeks gone. I have no idea what I did in these past 3 weeks. Anywho, today like most days my internet wasn't working for whatever ungodly reason, so I started working on the comic again. I have a few buffers so if it stays that way, yay. Last time I had buffers I forgot to put them up? Redonkulous. Anyway, I think the art and storylines are only getting better from here, so stay tuned maybe.

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