#13 Exporter Hell, Part 8

October 26, 2011 Chapter 01: Exporter Hell

Since We're on the Subject (October 26, 2011)

Because this is a comic about 3d artists, I decided it was time to post a little 3d art.

That's an example of the mental-ray renderer at work on ray-traced materials. Reflections have sort of always been an obsession for me, I used to spend hours building complex scenes. This one is still under construction, but what you've got there is a handful of rooms, all lit, and then the camera focused on some reflective objects. Eventually I intend to populate the entire scene with objects and do a series of extremely high-resolution renders. I'll post a gallery later when I finish the project.

My Favorite Comic (October 26, 2011)

Originally this was my favorite comic to draw. I'm always going on about how many art styles we went through, and one glorious time when we first started the comic, we made it through Exporter Hell and into the second storyline.

So Paladin was of course mad about this, but I had an old laptop that I left all the original files on, and to my knowledge it's broken. I unfortunately did not back up the original comic. There was some kinda funny stuff in there too. It was also in color and much more detailed.

We're like the Wizard of Oz in reverse un-technicolor.


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