#11 Exporter Hell, Part 6

October 23, 2011 Chapter 01: Exporter Hell

Paladin has nothing to say this day.

Mierda (October 23, 2011)

... in Spanish means 'shit.' This comic was meant to go up Thursday, but I've been a bit busy with projects, SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO I'm gonna post 2 comics today. This comic introduces CatMan, which is my favorite, and probably Paladin's favorite character as well. I can't think of another comic offhand that he is featured in honestly. He's a construction worker that drives one of those tiny bulldozers.

In the second panel you will see Ivan with a tiny laptop. It is funny because Paladin has a tiny laptop in real life. He probably has 2 by now. I also drew him drinking a soda because I'm pretty positive he doesn't drink coffee, and I probably drink enough for the both of us for 2 lifetimes.

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