#27 Beta Testing, Part 4

December 8, 2011 Chapter 02: Beta Testing

Paladin has nothing to say this day.

On Beta Testing and Other Wonders (December 8, 2011)

Today is a bit of a milestone for the comic. First of all, I'm on time, though I should have done the comic yesterday for a midnight upload. This comic marks the farthest this series ever got the first time around. To celebrate the occasion, I am uploading the original for your eyes to feast upon, enjoy.

I haven't post a rant recently for whatever reason. What's new with me? New freelance clients, a blossoming Texas Hold 'Em addiction, a Norwegian identity theft, furniture shopping, sleep deprivation, alcohol deprivation, bus rides, and other things. Paladin and I have been playing DDO again and resurrected the Unofficial Dev Team Guild. I've been searching for new music so I can (hopefully) open a bar at which I will DJ. I've been trying to keep in touch with friends. Really can't complain about life right now. Just gotta make that paper. Hope we can do the comic another strong 3 months! Paladin has some great storylines in the works!

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