0001 Count It (9-19-2011)

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astrozombie's avatar Posted 22:51
Sun 18 September
by astrozombie

I heard the voice of Andy French saying, "Okay, why is this funny?" in a very kafkaesque way (if you know where that's from give yourself a pat on the back he said snootily).

Just so you don't feel bad, I barely got the punchline to this yesterday, or today, it was after midnight I think. So when you're designing a 3D model, you want to design it with a minimal amount of legal polygons, or 3-4 sided faces. For video games, only 3 sided faces, or tris, are counted. This comic is funny because Terrence (our 4 eyed co-protagonist) counted polygons instead of tris, so he had to start his model all over again. Also a little note, many models are stated with a basic shape and molded into something amazing.

Okay so by now it's not that funny.


astrozombie's avatar Posted 22:09
Sun 18 September
by astrozombie

Okay, so we conceptualized this comic at the end of 2009. We released it in 2010. Life happened. We re-released it, and now we are AGAIN re-releasing it.

Do I regret anything? No. I have redone the art/visual style for this comic literally about 10 times. Am I completely happy? Somewhat. I have redone the website design also about 10 times. Am I completely happy? Nope. Am I about to jump in and hump the CSS into submission? Of course. After I take a shower.

Here is the next and last iteration of this comic. From here on out it's just improvements (I swear). No more complete revisions. This comic is my test in discipline as well as restraint.

My name is Michael aka AstroZombie, which is my only gamer tag cause I'm not much of a gamer. From here on out that's how you will refer to me. I like vector art. I prefer PNG's over JPG's. I actually like coding HTML and CSS, from scratch no less. I went to college for game design, as did my colleague Rick, known as Paladin for the rest of our comic tenure. Thus this comic came to fruition. Do we have game design jobs now? No. Have we ever? I think it's fair to say almost, but no. I don't personally care anymore, but Paladin sure does. I can feel the eagerness as I type this.

Why are we doing this? Again, for me it's a personal test. Also we have some pretty interesting storylines written that I would like to see fleshed out (gross phrase) and I know Paladin is itchin' to write something else besides fantasy novels.

We don't want your donations. We're not going to have any iteration of a Dead Piro Day. We're not going to rant about our depression, nay, we will lie about how amazing our lives are to make you feel bad. We don't give a shit about selling hard bound collections of our comics. We don't want you to buy shirts with our characters faces on them spouting grunt-worthy banter. We don't want to sell you a CatMan (character soon to be introduced) plushy.

We may share some interesting crap from time to time. Mostly we won't. I'll stop now.

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